We’ve Been Innovating for 10 Years

The Squirrly Company has been innovating for almost a decade now.

  • Digital Personal Assistants for Marketing – many types, embedded across our products.
  • Workers Systems (a way to use multiple cloud services to keep serving data and crawling data, without pause)
  • Proprietary Technology that we’ve already spent over $2 Million USD on
  • Marketing Intelligence Feature
  • SERP Checker Cloud by Squirrly
  • Ranking Vision AI / Squirrly Machine Learning (or Squirrly SML assistant)
  • Recommendations Engine in our EdTech SaaS, Education Cloud PLUS
  • Innovative SEO Live Assistant – first tool on the market that offered SEO Assistance in real time, with as-you-type advice on making pages better
  • Focus Pages Method – adaptable SEO technology that maps the road to ranking user pages, according to user and website data + industry they are in.

We started with the methods I describe in the Tales from 29 Money-Validated Products. It’s a MasterClass that I teach on Education Cloud PLUS.

Calin and I started by thinking: how can we help customers go from Never Found to “Always Found” on the internet.

People who start businesses and side projects they know the core of what they’re doing. But they build a website and after that job is done… nothing ever happens!

So based on the Customer Development methods I teach in Tales from 29 Money-Validated Products, we found more and more ways of helping our audiences find success online.

We help them invest in their success.

And we’ve done this by focusing on what our customers need and what they can achieve.

NOT on what other tools and SaaS on the market try to do. We don’t care about them. We care about our customers and coming up with the best solution to their needs.

What started with a small angel investment back in Septermber 2012 has gone on to become an incredible help for business owners and entrepreneurs from 90 countries.

We keep innovating, so they can keep on winning!

Looking forward to helping bring forward the Next Queens and Kings of the WWW.

Our Store for Entrepreneurs can help you reach the best solutions that will sky-rocket your online presence.

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