Validated 17 Products – most of them Software Products – With Real Money Paid by Customers

Will Speak at Code Camp About Pre-Product Validation. Guess it’s a good topic for me, since I’ve managed to validate 17 products on the market. Got some pretty happy buyers who became successful after buying the products.

The Squirrly Company is delivering insanely great marketing software to 6,455 B2B paying customers in over 90 countries. But this is available only for our subscriptions-based products. We’ve sold a lot more to a lot more businesses around the world with the one time payments for some of our non-SaaS products.

However, until now I haven’t done an official count. So, stuff I’ve created and sold over the years:

  • Cif2 net APPs (one time each app level)
  • Squirrly SEO for WordPress (in multiple variants, SaaS subscriptions)
  • Starbox PRO (one time)
  • Udemy Course: $147 USD. over 2000 students (one time)
  • ContentLook (one time in 2014 ; then subscriptions starting 2016 ; multiple variants as well)
  • Squirrly SEO – Cloud Version – used and accessed from (multiple variants, subscriptions)
  • Squirrly Social – cloud version – multiple variants and subscriptions
  • Squirrly SPY – report-based payment
  • – our own “netflix” type of thing, but it was sponsored by our audience
  • Education Cloud 2020 – lifetime access
  • Squirrly – web developer kit plans
  • Squirrly Digital – one license (yearly payment). All Squirrly products.
  • Squirrly SEO – the app on Shopify – different from the other Squirrly SEO products – PRO version sold as subscription through Shopify’s system
  • – attempt at social entrepreneurship – we managed to make plenty of sales and donate equipment to help 200 students get better education
  • Agency Products – content writing and SEO – it was productized services offering.
  • Expectation Marketing Book
  • (now retired, actually placed in Squirrly SEO Business Plan): SERP Checker by Squirrly

^^ from the above list. Those in bold have been taken into account for the 6,455 B2B Customers report. However you can see that there are other products we’ve sold.

So the ones in bold have all been super validated. Some of them in multiple variants, because our products change a lot from year to year.

I know that some of you will think: “Hey, but some of those Squirrly SEO products look like they’re the same thing.” – They are NOT. They work differently and they are priced differently and for different markets. Which changes everything about the way we market each and every one of them.

Details are important and, as an Entrepreneur, you need to find all the subtleties and understand all details.

I will also place some of the free products I’ve created. Maybe at one point I’ll write about each of these. Some of them have been super successful with users in terms of engagement and how much they loved the Squirrly Company because we’ve created these free products.

Validated products in terms of usage and community:

  • starbox free
  • website analysis plugin
  • ultimate version of website analysis plugin
  • halloween game
  • content marketing game
  • premium seo pack
  • quick seo plugin
  • DM Superstars
  • old Education Cloud
  • Digital Marketing Playbook
  • Speedy Content
  • Expectation Marketing Audit

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