One Startup’s Future Was Killed by the DIP Only To Make Room for a New Future

[Update for the article: Written by me in 12 August 2014, this is a valuable story for founders who reach a Dip moment and want to see another founder at work and how he deals with the struggle that Startup life presents.]

I’ve struggled with motivation today.


I never do that. Never. Ever. Yet, today I did. It is a turning point, it goes down (very low), just before it goes up.


A business is a very fluid thing. It will go in any direction you take it, but it will have its own flow. Maybe I should say that it’s a fluid that has the capacity to change its flow. It will change, even if you don’t realize it, so wake up: it’s not about you.


We’ve changed the lives of many people with Squirrly, the way they work, the things they learn, what they believe is good marketing and what is not.


Our software currently has over 500,000 downloads.


It helped our users and customer get over +285% increase in traffic. Our success stories include E-Commerce sites that had +500% increase in traffic.


Over 100 content marketing experts reviewed our software and loved it. Neil Patel, founder of KissMetrics included.


+ Happiness for our Customers. No matter what internal problems we had, what difficulties we had, we always ensured there was Excellence in Customer Service. This makes me happy. We did slip here and there, but the cases were isolated and we did all there was in our power as human beings to fix those issues. Our passion for helping out our customers and continuosly building an amazing product with them is something that did not fade out. It makes me proud. It’s an important value for our Company.


We’ve burned over 110,000 USD with the company so far.


Since this year began, we found an amazing amount of things that would never work for our business. We also found 2 new things that will definitely work.


We’ve grown, personally and as a team. We’re now 7 people.


I’ve held a pretty impressive amount of talks and workshops on Customer Development and on how to build amazing products that customers will love using.


My Udemy course on Content Marketing Strategy is now at over 600 students and growing. (it costs $147).


Soon, I will launch a new course that will help people get over 300 traffic to each article on their blog.


Recently, I spoke with the biggest VC firm that ever contacted us for investments. I’m keeping in touch with them because they rock and their portfolio is impressive and its about some great companies in our space.


The company grew, breaking it’s break-even point. Now, the problem has been fixed and we’re self-sustainable once more. Currently growing to profitability.


I just recovered from an intensive and prolongued burn out that really got into my head. I’m happy this happened, even though it still pains me.


It made me enter into another “the DIP’ situation. I had one just before giving up on my first startup. This other one only made me stronger.


It helped me erase all resentments and regrets for the things that went bad this year. It helps me build a solid, viable future for Squirrly as a company that will pretty soon launch some impressive new products.


I am happy. Realizing all these made me realize how much I’ve grown over the last year as an individual and makes me realize that I will be ready to evolve as the company itself evolves. I’m not falling behind. I’m finally learning how to keep being steps ahead.


The last future that we’d envisioned died. I’m so glad it did. Now there’s room for a new future, one that’s been already tested and that will bring us from startup stage to a really successful stage.


The company has been built. It’s here.. and it’s amazing.


This article marks the starting point of our new adventure.


I am Florin Muresan. This is my dream, this is my passion and I just found new powers, along with advanced wisdom. They’ll be my main weapons and allies on this new road.

Florin Muresan

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