Speaker For Your Event

I have co-founded Squirrly, which has become one of the largest software publishing companies in the world.

We’ve published over 17 titles from 2012 and up until now and we’ve successfully validated them on very competitive markets.

At the moment we’re actively selling over 7,000 monthly subscriptions to software programs for small and medium sized businesses.

A few of them are sold with a one time payment (and then yearly support agreements), which takes the number of companies we did business with to over 8,400.

With my ideas, if I come and speak at your event or mentor your teams, attendees can easily make their first $10,000 USD after listening to my ideas.

My pricing model for events where I speak, advise, or mentor teams, is value-based.

Since the teams at each event can make their first $10,000 USD and then even more as they grow following my advice, the prices start at $1,5k USD.

In the time it takes me to prepare for the event, get there, attend, speak, etc. I could easily create another best selling course, which I can sell on one of my platforms.

You must keep this in mind, if you want to reach out regarding your event:

  1. I offer insanely great value to your event.
  2. I could probably make more money during that time anyway (without considering everything I already earn from Squirrly).

If you have read the info above, and you think it makes sense, tweet me to start a conversation.