WordPress Origin Story for Florin Muresan

In my developer profile on WordPress.org I’ve been asked to write about my origin story:

How did I get to develop tools, plugins, software for the WordPress platform?

In one of the emails to our BackStage VIPs, I’ve told people that we were working on our own website builder platforms (Cifnet and Cif2.net). So the question is:

Why did we leave our own website builders behind and focus on building Squirrly for WordPress? Why move to WordPress?

All will be revealed.

It started with the Mission:

In 2012 we’ve announced to the world that we were going to place the power of getting noticed online into the hands of every small business owner, every NGO, every artist, every professional.

I presented the way in which getting your business noticed has changed over a period of 30 years and how it was finally becoming more accessible to everyone.

We were going to be at the forefront of making everything possible and affordable.

Our website builders were fine, but it became obvious to us that we would be helping a lot more people if we simply took all the great things that we were doing and adapting them for WordPress.

All WordPress users could start getting the help they needed to get noticed online.

I’ve opened people’s eyes about consultants charging about $2,000 USD / month for basic advice and basic help with monitoring one’s web presence.

I’ve talked about tools that cost over $300 USD / month just to give you info about keywords, ranking stats and others.

Back then when I made that announcement in September of 2012, Squirrly Limited had just been formed. We were still dreaming of ways to help you get noticed online. We only got to launch Squirrly SEO in February 2013 on the WordPress Directory.

Fast Forward to 2017, I’m pretty happy that we’ve actually managed to do all that we were announcing back in 2012 and more: we’ve created multiple software products that help people become better marketers and increase their online visibility. We’ve created 5 courses that help you understand how to get noticed on search engines and on social media sites.

Here is an infographic that talks about the many ways in which we’ve already helped people become better marketers. http://www.squirrly.co/ << make sure you hit the “See How We Do It” button on that page (it’s a blue button; it will open the infographic on that page)

Our Minds used 100% For Developing our software-based Digital Assistants and our methods, instead of focusing on platform updates.

Switching to WordPress helped us focus on SEO Ranking factors and on building amazing products for marketers. We could finally help people get noticed online, because WordPress core developers were taking care of all the technical aspects of the platform.

They keep adapting the platform to new browsers, new versions of HTML, PHP, Databases, Etc. I don’t know if you know (we do, because we’ve been there ourselves), but the developers who are updating WordPress for you are heroes.

When we had to do all the platform updating ourselves, we couldn’t really keep up with all the changes in SEO, content marketing and Social Media.

Because we entered WordPress, we could finally focus on offering you the best tools to help your business be found by people who search on Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Product-wise, because we were now on WordPress, we’ve been completely squirrly about what we’ve done. We’ve talked about making things possible and affordable.

We’ve made them so. $29.99 USD / month give you access to plenty of amazing features to make your business get noticed.

Oh, yes: and we also have a free version. For $0 USD / month you get to see how you rank on Google for your pages.

The cheapest software showing you this (any other software, other than Squirrly SEO costs $100/month.)

All that the PRO version of Squirrly SEO offers (for only $20 USD / month) would cost $600 / month (that’s a total $7,200 USD each year) , if taken separately from other software providers; you can see all this here. It’s a full-on SEO Powerhouse that helps you get noticed on search engines and social media.

With the 2018 version of the Squirrly SEO product, you’ll get full control over how people see you and your business on the web.

Florin Muresan

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