Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing by Squirrly Social

One Year of Social Media Posts in a Flash.

Blog to Social Media

Publish every new blog post to all your social profiles, without clicking a single button.

Make them resurface on your social feeds, so that you get more traffic over time to that new blog post.

Social Media Assistant

Stop wasting time searching for the perfect content.

The Social Media Assistant will help you with Curation and Discovery, so that you can schedule posts for two weeks, in just 3 minutes (tried and tested).

Content Agencies would charge you $100 for 50 Facebook posts. Squirrly Social includes this without extra charges in any plan you buy from us.

Auto Content Recycling

Evergreen posting and Content Libraries, with complete calendars, timings and expiration rules.

All that you need to set it and forget it.

These 3 social media tools for digital marketing from Squirrly Social will help you publish awesome social media content for a whole year, in a flash.

After you complete your setup, you won’t have to lift a finger again, unless you want to adjust and make tweaks.

Post to all your social media profiles with one click

Squirrly works with your favorite networks:

Facebook Page, Facebook Group (via Buffer), Google My Business, Instagram (via Buffer), LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Person, Twitter.

You can even schedule messages for later, so you won’t even need to click anything at all.

From simple kinds of calendars and scheduling to super advanced schedules, profile posting rules, Squirrly has it all and it’s willing to grow as you grow.

You’ll only ever get to the advanced stuff once you’re ready and it will be a breeze to set it all up

Social Media Assistant:

Discover amazing content to share with your audience

In 3 minutes spent every two weeks, Florin Muresan, the CEO of Squirrly manages to publish daily content about Digital Personal Assistants (Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc.) to his followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Just 3 minutes. That’s all it takes to get new, valuable and fresh content out of the Social Media Assistant.

Automatically Finds the Best Hashtags for Each Post so that you’ll get Maximum Visibility in SM Feeds.

Set other RSS feeds from blogs your audience loves, and Squirrly Will Keep Posting without you having to click a single button, much less actually write new content.

Social Media Curation Included in Any Plan you buy. No need to pay other extras to agencies to do this for you.

This is the tool that your social media VA is afraid of, because there’s a high risk you’ll replace them for good.

Drip your campaigns for an entire year.

Make a content category that publishes content from your blog on a daily basis. Make sure you post about 3 times per week. These social media tools for digital marketing will easily pull the content from your site and create social posts.

Let it repeat forever.

The first few weeks will be a bit tough, but then your audience will feel like they’re always getting fresh content from you.

Best part: you won’t be doing a thing to keep this wheel spinning. Just continue your blogging naturally, and social media will follow.

It gets even better:

Do you have a team?

Team collaboration features are present, and unlike all the other social media tools for digital marketing out there, we won’t punish you for adding new team members.

Add as many writers, editors, marketers, designers and managers as you want.

Excellent Customer Service Guarantee With Your New Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing from Squirrly.

You can always reach us via email support – directly from the Squirrly Dashboard. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, regardless of your selected plan.

If you have any questions about using Squirrly, such as setting up your account, you can always access the Help Center section.

Separate Workspaces for Different Clients, Blogs, Brands, or Team that you Manage.

No need to ask your clients for their social media profile login details anymore. Simply invite them into the Brand your create for them and let them setup all of their pages and profiles. Even less work for you.

If you’ve ever worked on managing social media presences for clients, you know how awful it is when platforms disconnect your current app and you have to make the client give you access again.

With Squirrly Social’s Token Refresh this is as easy as clicking a button… because that’s literally all that you’ll need to do.

Set the times for posts to go out only once, and then forget all about it.

Make your time slots like a radio station. Make every day feel different for your audience, if that’s what you need.

Make it feel like you have a morning show, coffee talks, some lunch news and then after-noon entertainment. With Squirrly Social you can easily do any of the advanced stuff mentioned here.

Stop Spending Time In Buffer’s Queues. Squirrly Social Can Fill It Up for You in a Flash, Without You Lifting a Finger.

Use Every Trick in the Book to Grow a Bigger Audience and Boost Engagement Online

From easy scheduling and content discovery to automatically adding hashtags and emojis to your posts, Squirrly Social provides a shortcut to social media greatness.

5 Star Customer Support – Regardless of Your Selected Plan

No matter how much you pay for our service, you’ll get top level support. Every single time. We’re here to help, we promise.

Squirrly Social works with your favorite networks:

Facebook Page, Facebook Group (via Buffer), Google My Business, Instagram (via Buffer), LinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Person, Twitter.

One-Month Money Back Guarantee: No mumbo-jumbo written in small letters