Q: Why is e-commerce an easy market to grab? A: it’s simple. read the secret here.

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There’s no market easier to grab than kinda like anything in e-commerce (this guy is crazy, it’s what’s going on in your mind right now). It’s so easy, because most e-commerce sites write horrible titles, meta descriptions and even product descriptions in their stores.

E-commerce is wonderful in terms of the creativity it allows you to have. More so than selling Software as a Service, for example. Or selling online books, or courses.

Because you sell a physical product, you have much higher chances of actually making them look desirable and attractive.

Do I mean high quality photos?

NO. No. no.

Answer 1:

I mean: videos shot with the product from multiple angles, unboxing videos, streamers doing streaming vids with the product, descriptions of how the product will make you feel once you finally get your hands on it.

Look at your competitors right now. You will see that they do none of the above.

Which is why entering that market is so easy for you.

Answer 2: This is the Secret

The secret is: ALL your competitors fail big at optimizing their e-commerce content for search. Their audience can’t find their online stores. But if you’re smart and follow my steps, their audience will find YOUR Shopify store.

What does optimizing e-commerce content for search mean? -> There are certain guidelines that Google wants you to follow in the way you write about your products on your store. If you follow the guidelines, it will reward you with the first positions on its search pages.

You can win big just by following the guidelines. I know I have. Two times already. First time in 2014 with a WooCommerce store called: GameDealsOnSteam.com | Second time with OneGeek.shop , a Shopify store, in 2018.

Here’s how you can outsmart everyone else doing e-commerce right now

  1. Forget the titles and product descriptions you get from your suppliers. They are bogus, they are boring, they are copied by everyone else out there.
  2. Really deny using the titles and descriptions from suppliers. Google will penalize you or decide not to rank you, because your content will not be original.
  3. Understand that Google search can bring you tons of traffic through Image Search and through Keyword-Based search (the keywords that a user of the search engine would typically write in the search bar.)
  4. Do keyword research (using SEO App by Squirrly SEO in your Shopify store). By doing this keyword research, you are already smarter than 90% of everyone doing ecommerce.
  5. If your product is a Figure of the Ruby Rose character in the RWBY anime series, then research words like: rwby action figures, rwby merchandise, ruby rose, anime toys, etc. (I’ve done this, found that rwby merchandise is top notch to use and I sold many such items after optimizing with Squirrly and reaching page 1 of Google)
  6. When in doubt, when you feel you can’t find any more keywords for the niche in which you started your Shopify store, then just follow the Keyword Research Formula. It’s in the huge infographic here on this page.
  7. Organize all the keywords you find, so you can manage a portfolio. For a store with more than 100 products this is a must. Otherwise, you will continuously fail at helping Google rank your products to the first positions in search. Here’s how you can do it.
  8. Optimize Content (the title of the product and the product description. Even the collection’s description) Using the SEO Live Assistant from your Shopify SEO App. Just read PART 3 of this long article. Part 3 is all you need to understand this.
  9. Now that you’ve done all the work, study your rankings. You can do that in Google Search Console, or a professional SERP Checker Tool. You can contact me if you need one.
  10. Still not on Page 1 of Google? – Make sure the keywords have low competition in the squirrly app for Shopify. – See that the SEO Audit score for your Shopify store is above 80. Make tweaks until these two conditions are met. Then, you should see good rankings. If not, then create more social media shares that link to the product you’re trying to rank. Rinse and repeat.

You’ve got two answers. You’ve got 10 steps to reaching Page 1 of Google with every product and every collection.

In my experience, you’ll be able to reach success if the keywords have low competition. For places with higher competition it gets tricky. However, what I’ve learned is that most people are just too lazy and that’s why they don’t find keywords with low competition. Use the methods. Find those amazing keywords.

You will win!

Don’t believe me? I’ve found a list of over 100 super awesome keywords with low competition that can be used in the Fitness Industry. WHAAAAAT? but fitness is over-crowded. Yes it is. However, with the methods outlined above, I’ve found over 100 keywords that normal human beings search for on Google. And there’s no one to provide answers for those 100 queries.

Ping me up on twitter, and I’ll give you the list if you wanna see it.

Everyone keeps asking me why I started GameDealsOnSteam and OneGeek.shop while also working as CEO of Squirrly. It's simple. Because creating a Shopify Store is like playing a game on Easy Mode. See why it's easy in this post. I've outlined the most important ideas.

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