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Today we’re excited to introduce you to Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly, an expert at validating startup ideas and products on the market, SEO and Content Marketing. Squirrly SEO 2020 is the Popular Tool that NON-SEO Experts use to increase their search engine traffic. You will see success in the first few weeks if you follow the Daily SEO Goals and work with the included tools. Enjoy reading.

Interview – Florin Muresan Interview by Startup Valley on our Digital Assistants


Squirrly makes insanely great business products through process of designing and coding digital assistants inside every SaaS we build.

EdTech RO Interview with Florin Muresan


In this first episode, Florin Muresan, CEO @ shares insights about Education Cloud — free tool to learn digital marketing, created by expert marketers from, and Learning Solutions — a software that makes it incredibly easy to upload training materials and store them all in one dedicated place where students can learn without distractions.

[Interview] The Content Marketing Strategy Meister: Florin Muresan


Being a blogger or a content writer, one gets very acquainted with the terms SEO, YOAST, Squirrly etc. For me, when it comes to SEO or the content marketing strategy the first thing that pops up is Squirrly. The cute little squirrel helps me each day to get my content 100% optimized and I’m pretty sure it helps you too. Squirrly has changed the lives of many people, the way they work, the things they learn, what they believe is good marketing and what is not. The software currently has over 1,500,000 downloads.

Have you ever wondered, who brought this squirrel into our lives? Who helps us each day with our SEO needs? The man behind the curtain is Mr. Florin Muresan – CEO of Squirrly Limited UK

How I got a SuperHero Name

Romania Rocket Interview – US Financial News


Turns out that the press release was picked up by US Financial News today. I wonder if this super-hero name will catch on.

Animatron Asked me for my Expert Youtuber Opinion on Video Marketing


My Expert Opinion on creating marketing videos. We’ve learned it the hard way at Squirrly. If you’re not in touch with your customer service team, your videos will never be awesome.

I guess it really makes sense they’ve asked me this, since our very own Youtube Channel became so popular with users of Squirrly SEO and Starbox.

By providing amazing answers regarding benefits of each feature, we serve them well enough that they become paying customers.

WordPress SEO Interview


On Apple Podcasts Now.

WP Wednesday Podcast Interview


Talking with a great Expert about many of the hidden settings that Experts can make inside Squirrly SEO and how this makes agency’s lives easier when dealing with tens of customers who use WP.

Expert Video Production Tips


I was asked together with other video creators to share my secrets.

How to Get Customers on Day 0 on the MarketPlace? – Startup Founder Interview (RO)


I shared my experience and how we had paid customers on the first day of launching our Stable Release for Squirrly SEO.

On Education Cloud PLUS, you can learn many more secrets from me, that helped our teams build and launch 29 Products that received paying customers.

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SEO for Startups – Florin Muresan Interviews


Being CEO of Squirrly gets me a lot of attention at Startup Events and Expos. Everyone wants to know how a startup company should approach SEO and what are the building blocks for it.