How do you do SEO for Youtube Videos?

There are two important parts:



– the SEO Setup.

I’l start with the timing, because it’s where most people fail at the SEO for Youtube part.

TIMING: once your Video is Published to Youtube, the first 24 hrs are critical:

  • send an update to your email lists
  • send social media updates through
  • out the day to get people to view the video
  • Get as many views as possible. (services like Viboom can help. they deliver verified, 100% traffic through embeded videos, which is an important signal for video seo)
  • Get as many social media shares as possible.

We’ve heard about this Timing part when we started out. We’ve tried with and without. Good results can only be had for videos where you follow this important checklist for the first 24 hours.

Now: the SEO Setup:

  • optimize title and video description with the SEO Live Assistant from Squirrly.
  • try targeting long-tail keywords
  • you can use the SEO Live Assistant from your WordPress or from My.Squirrly.Co, so that you’ll not get posts for Youtube videos created in your WordPress.
  • Copy and Paste the titles and descriptions after you’ve optimized them
  • tags: make sure you’re using great tags in your videos. And by great tags I mean: great variations of the main keyword you’re using when optimizing this video’s title and description
  • SAY the keyword you’re targeting multiple times inside the VIDEO!!! One of the most important ranking factors. The spoken words are translated to text and analyzed as well.
  • write a transcript for the video… containing the main keyword, of course.
  • thumbnail custom image. Filename needs to be keyword.png or keyword.jpg (where you replace keyword with your actual keyword. eg: seo-for-job-hunters.png , if your keyword were “seo for job hunters”)
  • Live Stream or Youtube Premiere videos have higher SEO impact and ratings.


  • build links to the video on the web
  • embed the video in relevant pages (meaning web pages that DO contain the main keyword and other related keywords). It would help if you could get views to these embedded videos

These are the most important factors.
Keep Ranking,

It started with a question from a customer: "I’m finally uploading all my videos and seminar to YouTube and thought I should get this right the first time – and there’s no one better to ask than you. "

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