AI Assistant 2022

Introducing a new AI Assistant for 2022: AI Coach from Squirrly.

Let’s first have a look at the history of Digital Assistants built at Squirrly since 2012.

The whole Squirrly Company was built on the idea of providing AI Assistants to business owners and entrepreneurs.

My idea on Intelligent Assistants who can help Entrepreneurs reach peak performance and new heights has been presented for the first time in 2010, way before it was “cool” to talk about AI. You can read here.

Actually, it was so uncool, that even the Technical University I was attending at the time didn’t want me to pursue my research project on AI, and switched me for Voice Recognition methods, because they said there wasn’t any interest in Artificial Intelligence.

I am not doing this because it’s cool. I’m doing it because your lives as entrepreneurs can completely change once you embrace Digital Assistants and get them to work for you.

Faster Than Ever.

Your success can come faster than ever before, once you start embracing the intelligent digital assistants created at the Squirrly Company.


Technology… especially our proprietary technology built with a budget of over $2 Million USD at the Squirrly Company – it sits on vast amounts of data.

If we weren’t the company and the entrepreneurs that we are, we would just horde all that data and do nothing with it.

But hidden within that data are Insights! Insights that can help you grow your business and become more efficient and do your job 10 times faster.

One Year of Social Media Posts In a Flash – that’s our value proposition for the Squirrly Social product – that value proposition can only be offered by us thanks for the Social Media Assistant software that comes installed on every single unit of Squirrly Social.

I talk about Business 3.0 and the importance of using the tons of TB in our databases and from across all our machines and services to benefit the tens of thousands of paying customers that this company has.

Getting all that data and all that knowledge to work for you is key to your success.

And it’s important fuel for our mission of raising the next generations of Queens and Kings of the WWW.

Artificial Intelligence Assistant.

A virtual assistant, also called AI assistant, intelligent virtual assistant, intelligent personal assistant, digital personal assistant or digital assistant, is an application program that processes data and completes tasks for the user.

It’s a software agent that can perform multiple tasks for the user, by use of very powerful algorithms or Artificial Intelligence.

Many feel these software agents are:

  • Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
  • Parking Assistant present in common vehicles these days
  • Chat bots

However, we’ve been working on and building Personal Digital Assistants for Entrepreneurs since 2010 and hundreds of thousands of users around the world have interacted and gained value from Squirrly-designed assistants.

In this interview, I talk more about the Special Secret Sauce of Squirrly and how we incorporate Digital Assistants in every piece of software we create.

We don’t have the budget to flash them around as much as Apple, Google, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and others do … but we keep building them and using them to improve the lives of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.

We’re building a new one: AI Coach from Squirrly

Using our Ranking Vision AI and the Market Intelligence features present in Squirrly SEO, we’ve built a new service on top of them, which can now read and gain insight on:

  • Chances of Ranking from the Ranking Vision AI
  • Competitor Data and Market Data from the Market Intelligence service

By reading and using those data, it can sort through our entire library of SEO GOALS that have been proven (and picked up by Ranking Vision AI as contributing to user success), in order to create tailored, custom-made, plans for a user of Squirrly SEO.

It can create a customized plan that has the HIGHEST chance of making the user’s WP site rank fastest and with the least risk involved.

Ranking fast and going with pages and keywords that aren’t hard to rank, is the best possible recommendation in the world and HUMAN consultants paid $4,000 USD / month, try to reach the same kind of recommendations for their own customers.

Our AI Coach from Squirrly can do that … for a lot less.

You will soon get the customized messages and the custom plans from the AI Coach from Squirrly delivered directly inside your Inbox.

You won’t even need to open WordPress in order to know what you have to do next to become a Queen or King of the WWW.

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