8 years and still Squirrly in love with helping our community

Kudos Corner of the Week for Squirrly SEO.

We recently received this due to our dedication and way of reaching out to our community and helping them out with everything they need to succeed.

It’s best when it’s said by others:

begin quote:

Hey @channel , do I even need to tell you what time it is?! I know you’ve been waiting for this all week! 


This week’s Kudos Corner is dedicated to Squirrly SEO


If you want to talk about a proactive partner, you have to talk about the Squirrly squad. This team is on top of it !!! 


The Squirrly team has been impressive from the very start of their campaign. Their slack communication is on point 


They’ve provided in-depth and personal responses to every Sumo-ling on the deal page, and their positive attitudes have never wavered!

The passion that they have for their product really stands out, it’s easy to see why so many Sumo-lings are giving them 5 tacos.

Seriously, if you want to get some great inspiration for how to respond to Sumo-lings, I highly recommend checking out the Squirrly SEO deal page. You can check them out here: https://appsumo.com/squirrly-seo/


Here are a couple of examples of the many shout outs the Squirrly SEO team has received from our community: I saw the offer, double stacked, set it up and within minutes knew why I’d lost my ranking and better yet, knew why my competitors were doing better. A week and a bit later I’m now back in the top 3 on organic results and saved thousands!This is the type of deal that makes it so rewarding to be a Sumo-ling.

Congrats on your awesomeness @florin_squirrly @Calin Vingan and @Irina Pogor_Squirrly