Interview with Florin Muresan, the Romania rocket, about content marketing

this interview of Florin Muresan was first published by Robert Connor on US Financial News Today in 2015.

We first came to know about this Romania Rocket through his free wordpress plugin Starbox, which we still use today! Meet Florin Muresan the man who has taught us a lot about Content Marketing!

As Founder and CEO of Squirrly, and a Content Marketing Software plugin “SEO by Squirrly” which has to date 726,920 downloads – Florin clearly knows his customers and how to exceed market expectations.

Me and the girls were jumping with joy when Muresan came back with a positive email response, and are honored to learn all we can from this online money maker from Cluj-Napoca, Romania!

1 – How did you get started on the Internet?

Wow, this is an interesting question. One that really gets me thinking back all those years.

I’m a fiction writer (you know, other than being the co-founder and CEO of my second web startup company). I’ve always loved writing. You can imagine just how much I fell in love in the beginning of the 21st century (2001 or 2002) with Blogspot. I found a place where I could write a lot of cool ideas and thoughts. The most impressive part was when people started to comment on what I was writing and when I saw that people really cared about what I was writing back then.

After a while my passion for creating electronica music started to really kick in and I had an album ready to be listened by a lot of strangers from a lot of different countries, through this amazing thing called the Internet.

Remember MySpace? A lot of people don’t, but for me it was magical, because I could place my album there, connect to a few people and have them listen to my songs.

This is what started it all. Seeing that you can so easily connect to a lot of different people out there who can engage with the art you’re creating.

2 – Who is your greatest inspiration in life?

Steve Jobs, for the way I design the products we build. Also for the way I think about product design.

Tony Hsieh for the way I think about company culture and also for the level of service we provide to our customers. I have tons of respect for Tony and I love what he did with Zappos.

3 – Your Favorite way to make income online and why? 

Building SaaS products. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. I love them because of the recurring payment component, the predictable revenue, the advanced analytics you can use, etc.

But what I mostly like about this model is that it forces you (as an entrepreneur, or as a company) to do your job better. It’s simple really: If you suck, or if you’re horrible to your customers, they will walk away. Therefore, it makes you always want to grow, become better and offer a great deal more to your customers.

When customers are happy, your team is happy, you are happy and a long lasting relationship is built. I think this is wonderful. And it’s the reason why I’m still doing this. It’s the reason this is my life.

4 – If starting out today would you do something different? 

No. Never. I enjoy thinking of all my failed attempts. I have a lot of failure behind me, but never regrets. Because everything that didn’t work, made me ten times smarter. It’s cool to find something that works. But you gain an impressive amount of knowledge by finding one thousand things that will never work. It will make all your future endeavors much easier, because you will know. You’ll know exactly what works, what doesn’t, in which situations, etc.

Hack your Life – Do more/ Exceed your Limits – Find a way/ Build #awesome – Create value then deliver Florin Muresan.

5 – Where do you see the Internet heading in relation to blogging/making money online?

I think it’s just starting out. Blogging is the clever way of advertising. Let’s face it. We call it inbound marketing and try to make it look like we don’t advertise, but really we’re all just trying to get other people to find out about who we are and what we offer.

The difference is that through blogging and content marketing, everybody wins, not just the companies. I’ve seen so many articles placed on the blogs of different startups, VC investors, brands, etc. that have taught me so many wonderful things. Yes, I heard about those entities, but by learning about them I became so much smarter. There’s a lot of value in this.

Google pushes forward with blogging and content. SEO isn’t a “thing” on it’s own anymore. I’m just happy it finally happens. I’ve been waiting for this shift in direction since 2010.

Making money online will soon become even more diverse. Make money by selling your music, your artworks, license to software, stock photos, courses on MOOC platforms, fiverrs, space in your Youtube videos and many many more. You can make money by someone who’s online and wants to share a ride to you to a different city. Come on! It’s only growing.

Because the Internet opens up so many possibilities, there will be a lot more ways to make money online in the near future. Think about this: in 1999, most of these things didn’t exist. A few years later, we don’t even know where to start.

The market is still young.

We love interviewing moneymakers online and learning the wealth of information they have to offer about the future of online earning!