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Welcome to the official website.

Florin Muresan has many websites, but this one has always been his home

“One Day when I retire I might actually find the time to create my pages. Or maybe I should just get the great team from Squirrly to write them for me“.

– yup, that’s what I always say.

If you want to find out what I’m currently doing and has my name written all over it, check out the GetGrowth channel on Youtube.

florin muresan

So who is this Florin Muresan fella’ anyway?

Currently, I’m the CEO (and one of the co-founders) of Squirrly. It’s a software company from London, United Kingdom that also has offices in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Me and my longtime friend, Calin, managed to get this company from just two people in September 2012 to 17 people in September 2016. We’ve created many products for Content Marketing Enthusiasts and even for Experts.

They are very appreciated and some of them are top of their class. More on that here:

Squirrly offers 3 SaaS products for Content Marketing Professionals: Squirrly SEO, Starbox – the Author Box for Humans and ContentLook.


We build amazing software products for non-technical content marketing persons (especially for those who use WordPress as a CMS).


We also work as a marketing team for different companies seeking to tackle Content Marketing and test it as a viable acquisition channel. RenegadeCitizen.com trusts us to be their outsourced marketing team. We delivered an engaged Twitter Audience, authority on LinkedIN Groups, over 20,000 unique visits


Squirrly SEO develops a SaaS-based business tool for commercial purposes and delivers it for WordPress as a SEO plugin. It has over 1,700,000 downloads and is recommended by Neil Patel of KissMetrics and Brian Dean, owner of Backlinko.


People who usually build software products in this industry make them over-complicated with more focus on the technology, than on the customer. Everything that we develop comes with a “For Humans” guarantee, meaning that it will be easy for anyone to just start using our software.

We’ve had the pleasure of seeing our software products used by over 500,000 people from different companies, including marketers from Microsoft, BBC, SeedCamp, BackLinko, Elegant Themes, Search Engine Journal and the Search Engine Watch.


– so that you can get a bit of a backstory.

Content Marketing Teacher / Instructor

I love talking about Squirrly a lot, and many of the people who search for “florin muresan” on Google, want to find me to know more about the CEO.

I guess some of them are also curious to see who their teacher is, because I teach many classes on Content Marketing.

Why stop there though?

Product Creator / Mentor / Advisor

Many Startup and Tech events feature the Florin Muresan – Mentor spot on their website. That happens because I have a Media Kit (seriously, I do. LINK).

Also, because over time I have been an advisor to many European startups. I did a lot of volunteering work being a Mentor, Speaker and Judge at events like: Startup Weekend, Define Cluj, Startup Pirates, Innovation Labs, Spherik Accelerator, and many others.


So back to my Youtube Channel thing. I love streaming amazing online marketing tools that help you Get Growth for your business.

Here’s one of my videos:

I’ve been blogging since 2004. Had multiple blogs over time.


One of my favorite blogs ever was Arta’n’Cluj which was about art and cultural events happening in my home town of Cluj-Napoca.

I easily turned that one into the MAJOR events blog in Cluj, because I simply managed to write witty reviews and showcase all the events happening around. Of course, SEO was on my side as well.

The Florin Muresan Blog that you will see on this site is not the most impressive, however. I wrote amazing content that got our free to paid conversion rate from 0.5% to 2% (the same one that Buffer used to have). I still write very important pieces and I help create more content marketing training programs for our users. The one to suffer most is the blog category on my own website.

Get In Touch With Florin Muresan

I have an amazing wife and an adorable son (just 1 and half years old at the moment of writing this page). When I’m not spending time with Customers and Partners of Squirrly, I’m spending my time with them.

I don’t do as many gigs as I used to, but sometimes I’m still happy to teach people how to create products (software products, because that’s my expertise).

The best way to reach me is via Twitter, because I love Twitter. The handle is:


You can get in touch about interviews, mentoring, advising, speaking gigs.

And for my customers out there: You already have my email address. The one I always check. All the others are quite useless, anyhow.

Thanks for visiting my website,
Florin Muresan
CEO of Squirrly


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