Florin Muresan’s Presentation at Smart Money Summit 2015

Making the headlines in the press, Smart Money Summit was a “heavy-content” type of business event.

Florin Muresan talked about How Startups Should Play Chess with Business Investors

At the beginning of my presentation I stated that I will not make a lot of friends with this presentation.

florin muresan squirrly

Some of the people in the room were investors themselves and while I didn’t want to offend them in any way, I had to stay true to what I’m trying to create with AngelVC.work, where I show how businesses can get alternative funding.

And while getting money from Angel investors and Venture Capital Funds sounds great, sometimes it simply isn’t.

The presentation is around the ways in which startups can get a great investment deal and how to protect themselves from high business costs (of meeting with un-interested investors) and also from clauses that would ruin their potential.

You can see Florin Muresan’s presentation on getting investments and dealing with VC and Angel Investors here.

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