The Focus Pages Innovation – Best Piece of Tech I’ve Ever Co-Created

I’ve done a keynote about it:

There’s a WayBackMachine listing about it.

Moz doesn’t offer it. SEMrush doesn’t offer it. Ahrefs doesn’t offer it. They don’t offer anything that even comes close to this massive game-changer for the world of SEO.

Ten years of research lead me to the moment when I could finally build it and release it to the public.

There’s a battle tested version (tested super hard core with thousands of customers) that will soon hit the shelves in Squirrly SEO 2020, which takes the machine learning we’ve done up to new levels.

It’s our belief at Squirrly that it’s impossible to even think about going from one location to another these days without using Waze. Now we believe that very soon you won’t even think about trying to take a new page that you’ve just published up to the first page of Google search without using the Focus Pages method.

In many ways, focus pages is like a Waze for ranking pages higher on Google.

It takes you from where you are right now with that page, calculates the best route to the first page of Google, and then gives you all the indications YOU need to reach that top 10 positions with the page you want to rank.

There are many things to consider, and each page from your site will have its own different route.

You’ll see that for each page you have, you’ll need to take a different path in order to make it rank TOP 10 for its keyword.

The best part is: the system learns a lot. And can even let you know when it’s time to change your keyword and focus on another one which could actually get you ranked and bring you search traffic. (organic traffic; visits from people who search on Google)

Here’s an awesome video I’ve made that best explains the concept:

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