Awesome Ways To Eliminate Distractions & Get Back To Work!

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult to eliminate distractions. A distraction is something that should be used AFTER you’ve completed an arduous task as a reward or as a break from working too diligently. However, in most cases, distractions are present BEFORE the task or project is completed.

The best way to avoid any type of distraction is to get into the right mindset before starting a task. This means that you want to train your thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, to only focus on the subject matter necessary for the task.

Here are some tips on how to eliminate distractions when you still have a project to complete. Click To Tweet

1)  Turn It ALL Off!

Turn off your email notifications, Twitter, Facebook, your phone, the television and anything else that will divert your attention. Sometimes it even helps to completely turn off your Internet, unless you’re doing research or you need it in order to complete your task.

2) Do Not Disturb Mode

If you don’t make it known that you can’t be distracted, how can you expect NOT to be? A simple ‘do not disturb’ sign can sometimes convey the message without interrupting you. Put one up on your desk, on your office door, or even on your front door if you work at home.

3)  A Clutter Free Space Equals A Clutter Free Mind!

It’s amazing how simply organizing and making your work space neat can improve concentration. A very powerful trick to eliminate distractions is to simply clean up clutter surrounding your work space. Even cleaning up your device’s desktop helps. Get rid of garbage, cups, stray documents from your immediate vision and put files that are on your computer desktop screen into folders so it’s not so overwhelming when you look at it. This automatically prevents the brain from trying to process scattered bits of external stimuli so that both your conscious and your subconscious mind are clear to focus on the task at hand.

4)  Eliminate Distractions With Headphones

Sometimes the best way to get into a focused work flow is to slap on a set of headphones and play music. Just make sure you choose ‘brain inducing’ music that will enhance your creativity and productivity. There is a myriad of choices on YouTube if you search for ‘productive music’ or ‘brain enhancing music.’

5)  Chunk Your Time

Depending on your personality, the amount of time you’re able to fully focus on things will fluctuate. Try to start out by setting aside a specific chunk of time, whether it’s 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and honor it. Follow these guidelines for that designated chunk of time so you can eliminate distractions and work as efficiently and productively as possible.

6) Designate Your Distraction Time

Now that you’ve put in one good chunk, perhaps even several chunks of distraction free time, reward yourself with your favorite distraction.

IF they’re used in the right context. In other words, you can celebrate or take a break with one of your distractions, but only AFTER you spend a good solid amount of time with unbroken concentration on a task or project.