How to Sex Up Your Copy And Why This Will Ultimately Get People Screaming in Anger

Marketing has to be truthful. You can’t say that your software does something, when actually it doesn’t.

You can sex up your page copy as much as you want. It will get people to download your software, or install your app; but ultimately those exact same people will hate you for wasting their time.

Since there is no Committee in the world that verifies and accepts software products (Okay, maybe the Apple Store), marketers seem to abuse the lack of restrictions. This allows them to make claims that sound amazing and appeal to the exact desires of customers, all the while providing crappy products that simply don’t work as advertised.

To give you an example: In the WordPress SEO world there are plenty of plugins that claim they will take care of all your SEO for you; when in fact they don’t. At the moment, Squirrly SEO [created by my company, yes, a disclaimer!] is the only one who takes care of the most aspects of SEO. See?

I used “the most aspects”¬†because it doesn’t do everything. It doesn’t offer help with link-building (yet).

Out of 6 main areas of SEO and Content Marketing, the classic plugins offer help for just 1 / 6 of them. Yet, they claim they’ve built “ultimate” tools which will take care of everything.

The infographic below shows how Squirrly SEO handles 6 out of 6.

squirrly seo vs yoast

SEO Plugins are not the only ones on WordPress, where marketers seem to forget reason.

Headline A/B testing plugins don’t even claim they do everything. They claim they do something, and that is also wrong.

Headline A/B testing plugins do close to nothing at all, yet they can cost up to $200 USD.

Here’s a nice video made by Shane from Thrive Themes, who explains this “trend” in detail.

Shane from Thrive Themes created a really cool video about why most Headline A/B testing plugins, software and ideas are frauds.

When all you care about is getting more and more website traffic, doing something sexy for your audience seems like the best thing you can do. Admit it: you’ve thought about it.

We all have. That’s why sneaky marketers have created tools to “help you” reach the best Headline possible for your post.

They use what you think against you, because they sell something that cannot work (and Shane does a great job explaining this). They know what you need, so they sell that to you, making it sound all sexy and great. These tools cost about $100 or even $200 and they don’t work.

Here’s some news for you: Marketing Scams always get called out! Making fake claims will eventually get someone angry enough to post a video about you.

See the video to understand why.

Also, from my own personal experience with these sorts of things, only Email A/B testing works, because you get more control there. Social Media experiments don’t work, though.

I saw this text from Shane: "There's no nice way to say this: most headline A/B testing tools are completely useless. Not only that, but they are also dishonest and misleading in their advertising. Watch this video to see why." I saw the video and decided it's something you need to know about.

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